Upcoming Webinars (Fall 2021)

Saturday September 11, October 9, November 13, December 11
2 pm (Italian time) (UTC 12)

We began an in-depth itinerary of the project theme with a Webinar held on 9 May 2021. It was a part of the United World Week of the United World Project (http://www.unitedworldproject.org/). This itinerary will continue in autumn with four other webinars. On those occasions, we will draw on some particularly significant experiences (selected from the many that have come to us from various parts of the world). We will also give ample space for discussion and sharing during the sessions.

Download the flyer, in English language >> PDF DOCX

We will look at the theme from various viewpoints with an interdisciplinary and intercultural approach, proceeding in four stages:

  • First Webinar: Experience of limits, new perspectives
  • Second Webinar: Accessibility and the Environment
  • Third Webinar: Accessibility to information and communication
  • Fourth Webinar: Accessibility and Inclusion

Each webinar will take place through the Zoom platform for an hour, with live streaming on YouTube. You will find the detailed program and connecting instructions on this web site a few days before.

Each webinar will take place in five editions, according to language (Italian, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese), on different dates and times to meet the needs of the various time zones. In this way, we can facilitate the exchange and sharing of ideas without translations.

6 PM

9 PM

2 PM

4 PM

4 PM
First10 Sept.10 Sept.11 Sept.11 Sept.11 Sept.
Second8 Oct.8 Oct.9 Oct.9 Oct.9 Oct.
Third12 Nov.12 Nov.13 Nov.13 Nov.13 Nov.
Fourth10 Dec.10 Dec.11 Dec.11 Dec.11 Dec.