India – Our actions and perspective

Renzo Andrich interviews Rozelle Rebello (Mumbai) >> VIDEO

Rozelle. Hi Renzo, I am Rozelle Rebello from Mumbai, India. Though I am differently able, I was loved and accepted by my family. At the age of 13 I underwent surgery on my legs which unfortunately left my left leg partially non-functional, thus restricting my mobility even further. I lost my dad in 2018 but that did not deter me from pursuing my dreams in poetry as well as making hand-made bracelets.

Renzo. From your experience I understand that it was important for you to have a supporting family and a network of great friends. However, society still has a lot of barriers. What is your message about that?

Rozelle. Renzo, thank you for your question. I would like to answer with a short poem I recently wrote.

By our actions and perspective, we view,
An inclusive society is in reach true.
A stereotypical mindset needs change,
For an accessible environment in range.
As citizens in the world,
Voices towards inclusiveness
and accessibility for all should be heard.